Equality or Equity: What is the Difference?, August 4th 2014

Love Reaches Out, July 6th 2014 

The Gift of Joy, June 15th 2014 

The Passionate Mother, May 11th 2014

Easter Sermon – Transforming Salvation, April 20th 2014
Transforming Salvation (18 minutes, 5 Mb .mp3 file)

Being Whole and Holy, April 13th 2014
Being Whole and Holy(18 minutes, 6 MbB .mp3 file)

Committed To Honor, March 23rd 2014
Committed To Honor(28 minutes, 8 MbB .mp3 file)

Committed to Each Other, March 9th 2014
Committed to Each Other (20 minutes, 6MB .mp3 file)

Fire of Commitment, March 2nd 2014

Powerful Love, February 16th 2014
Powerful Love  (14 minutes, 4 MB .mp3 file)

Dare To Love, February 2nd 2014
Dare to Love (21 minutes, 6 MB .mp3 file)

Bending the Arc of Justice, January 19, 2014
Bending the Arc of Justice (17 minutes, 5.1 MB .mp3 file)

Being Open to New Paths, January 12, 2014
Being Open to New Paths (17 minutes, 5.2 MB .mp3 file)

Have a Little Faith, December 8th 2013
Have a Little Faith (15 minutes, 4.3 MB .mp3 file)

Thoughts on Faith, December 1st 2013
Thoughts on Faith (17 minutes, 5.1 MB .mp3 file)

Our Abundant History, November 17th 2013
Our Abundant History (13 minutes, 3.9 MB .mp3 file)

Blessings & Gratitude, November 10th 2013
Blessings and Gratitude (23 minutes, 7MB .mp3 file)

A Life of Abundance, November 3rd 2013
A Life of Abundance (16 minutes, 4.8 MB .mp3 file)

God Revised, October 20th 2013
God Revised (19 minutes, 5.6 MB .mp3 file)

 Life Without God, October 13th, 2013
Life Without God (17 minutes, 5.1 MB .mp3 file)

What Is God?   October 6th, 2013
What Is God? (20 minutes, 5.8 MB .mp3 file)

Putting Your Spiritual House In Order, September 22nd 2013
Putting Your Spiritual House In Order (25 minutes, 7.6 MB .mp3 file)

Coming Home, September 15th 2013

Sermon on Home(15 minutes, 4.6 MB .mp3 file)

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